Behind the Brand

“ Ofcourse going into the fashion world, being a successful engineer at work, has surprised everyone. However, I feel like that I was born into it if you consider my families proximity to it. It is not coincidence whatsoever that Haleia is providing all the visual richness. ” Hale Baykus

“ Mrs. Hale’s functional approach which comes from her engineering background creates a balanced paradox once it meets with my creative inner world, which plays a very essential role from the inspiration to production part of the whole process. I think we have created our own unique genre with this. Besides all of these differences, our work ethics, values and priorities are pretty much the same. ” Damla Kurtoglu

Hale Baykus, born in 17.12.1978, had her two university degrees as an interior architect and a computer engineer consecutively from Mimar Sinan University and Kadir Has University in 1999 and 2015. In many years of success as an engineer at her career, she was determined to engage her sense of aesthtetics with fashion and established the brand “HALEIA” in 2020.

HALEIA has constructed a modern, sophisticated line of  luxury design in accordance with the brands designer Damla Kurtoglu’s vision and Hale Baykus’s role as a creative director. The balanced collision between creative and analytical approach has been discovered by the worlwide authorities in very limited time and gained power within the well-known names in fashion industry.

HALEIA, at Hale Baykus’s leadership, is being very persistent showcasing its success by highlighting its known collections in an unique way without comprimising any of its brand identity internationally.

Behind the Brand