HALEIA presents its Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection under the name “Over-Exposed” offering an unique style by interpreting classical patterns, and again sets its own rules. HALEIA brings daily and couture forms together in this collection, which was inspired by the clash of late 70’s – early 80’s, and stands out with a high dose of “Ready to WOW ” appearance. The collection, which combines HALEIA’s many signatures and brings classical patterns into life with brave touches, is presented at a special show that creates its own unique world. The show gets its inspiration from crystal ice caves that are yet to be discovered, and brings together the charm of nature with the brands genetic comprehension of luxury to exhibit an unique visual performance.

HALEIA brings a 70’s powerful woman image to present with the Fall/ Winter 2021 – 2022 “Over- Exposed” collection. The collection of around 80 pieces, which gets its inspiration from powerful women who are not intimidated to take brave steps and set their own rules, includes both ready to wear and couture forms together. The brand supplies all of the sparkling pieces necessary for a ‘ready to wow’ appearance for women, who may have to make a quick transition from day to night in a metropolitan lifestyle, by bringing attention to the ‘applicable’ aspect of fashion due to pandemic.

HALEIA targeted to blend varieties of 70’s with classical lines to bring a new perspective and identity to common textures in this collection, which also brings attention to timelessness. Velvet and common fabrics are combined together with shiny textures in order to create contrast, where also different sided, double appearances and layered looks are used to bring depth to the collection. Houndstooth pattern, commonly appears black and white, appears with flashy colours and new monogrammed version and presents a much stronger attitude that had never seen before, where also newly visionised leather pieces, “one of a kind” metal case and metal chain shoes, dashing and luxurious accessories are being presented alongside. HALEIA sustains its success of keeping the balance between feminine and masculine details by mixing floral and shiny patterns with other patterns, and snobing vamp patterns using tone-on-tone to achieve perfect equilibrium. Glam-rock mini dresses, maxi voluminous dresses, jumpsuits, wide and reconstructive-cut pants with oversize jackets perfectly complete HALEIA’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 “Over-Exposed” collection.

HALEIA builds its latest digital show, Fall/Winter 2021-2022, in an unique world inspired by crystal ice caves that are full of mysteries yet to be solved and coming from the depths of history. The caves, being discovered very recently, provide a self reflexive emphasis to HALEIA as well as giving a hint at which position the brand will locate itself in this slippery and melting state of the world. HALEIA takes us on an imaginary tour to those caves, ideally should be visited in March, and provides an unique personal experience just like it always does with its designs.